Search Console API

About this tool

This is a tool for execute search analytics api without programing. Search Analytics UI can't be acquired only 1,000 maximum a search query. But Search Analytics API can be acquired a search query to 5,000 maximum. If you use Search Analytics API, you will need to implement the program. But this tool can be acquired a search query to 5,000 maximum without programing.

Some features, such as the dimensions of the filter function, is not implemented yet.

Please wait a little time after button click because the acquisition of the data is time-consuming.

Change history

  • 2015/10/15 Fix the bug what older response data is remained, when we execute multiple.

API Execution

Target of the site

Date range

Begin date:

End date:

Get the limits

Please get the limits specify an integer of 1 or more and less than 5000. If blank, this execute as defaults value(=1000).

Search type


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